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The 2015 Awardies

CREE - LaShawn Vasser, Melissa S. Harrison Walk Through Fire (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley The Battle of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History - Robin Givhan I Hunt Killers - Barry Lyga

I've already done  My Best of 2015 list.  But beyond my favorites there are lots of little things that stick out in the books I've read this year.  So here are my Awardies.  Awards given to total random things that stayed with me from my reading this year.



The All Along the Watchtower Award for best cover goes to...


 CREE - LaShawn Vasser,Melissa S. Harrison 

  • The cover is fab. Great color, great font, great hair and the model is giving face!



The Cougartown Award for Most WTF Book Title goes to....

The Devil's Beating His Wife - Siobhán Béabhar,Elizabeth Stock 

I read the whole book, wrote an in depth review, and even looked up the etymology of the title. It refers to when the sun is shining during a rainshower. Uh huh. Still have no idea how that title relates to what is essentially a Ghost/All of Me/Topper mash-up with a helping of Jim Crow on the side.



The All My Children Award for the Most Cracked Out Soap Opera Storyline goes to...

Perfectly Mixed - Ancelli,Danielle Harden,Taria Reed 

  • Mixed up babies, quickie divorces, BDSM PTSD, Kidnapping, Fraud, fistfights, cheating, spousal abuse and that was just the first chapter! (I kid, I kid…)




The Pootie Tang Award for Book with Bad Dialogue goes to....

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux,Madeleine Urban 

 They spoke actual English, you know -- nouns and verbs. Sometimes subordinate conjunctions and objects were thrown in there too. I largely followed the story. But still the characters speaking felt odd, stilted and unnatural. 




The Don Draper Award  for Totally Fucked up Character I Would Still Totally Fuck goes to....

On the Edge of Love (Mama's Brood Book 1) - Shay Rucker 

Zeus.  This guy has no filter, zero regular socialization, a little too ready to knife someone – friends and enemies alike. And yet, one of the most fascinating, interesting, characters I’ve read all year.




The Shake It Off Award for the Book That Really Took Its Title Seriously goes to....

Walk Through Fire (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley 

Dude, if I had to hear how either Millie or High would walk through the fuckin' fire for each other one more time I swear I was gonna hurl!





The Project Runway Award for book Most In Need Of  It's a MotherFuckin' Walk OFF!  goes to....

The Battle of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History - Robin Givhan 

OMG, the descriptions of what went on during that momentous historical night at Versaille between five American designers and five French designer NEEDS video. NEEDS! But sadly none exists only snippets. I could weep. Also early example of #blackgirlmagic!




The Bitch Betta Have My Money Award for the Heroine Who Was So Fierce I Could Not Even…. ! goes to….

Entreat Me - Grace Draven 

Louvaen was so totally awesome. I mean she was confronted with a curse that turned a man into a ravening beast and all she did was quirk her eyebrow, rolled up her sleeves, fought killer vegetation, and saved her family and his. Basically she got shit done. And made the him fall in love with her in the process




The Maltese Falcon Award for the Inanimate Object With an Important Starring Role goes to....

Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels) - Ilona Andrews 

That damned earring! An holy cow, the description of everybody trying to get it in that damned box at the end was a great piece of scene crafting.




The Theophilius Lovegood Award for Best Names goes to.....

Playing Dead - Billy London 

The main characters are Gearoid McCardle and Aoife Boyake.  The author knew these names were special because the pronunciation guide is right in the blurb!




And the final award of the night, the biggie....



The Keeping it 100 for the Book With Best Synergy in Cover, Title and Story goes to....



  I Hunt Killers - Barry Lyga


The title, the cover art and the story all work together perfectly. 


The title is evocative and memorable. It isn’t one of those generic titles where you have to see the cover and/or hear the author 's name along side it to remember which book it is. Either element alone – the title or the cover - would make your mind immediately flash to the story.  It is the type of cover and title that makes you pause even if it isn’t exactly your favored genre.   And most of all, it is a story that will make you want to recommend it to other people. And read the sequels.