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Best of 2015

Spotless - Camilla Monk, Amy McFadden On the Edge of Love (Mama's Brood Book 1) - Shay Rucker Foxglove Summer - Ben Aaronovitch Magic Shifts  -  Ilona Andrews Entreat Me - Grace Draven A Grave Matter - Anna Lee Huber

If I had to sum up how I came up with the list of favorite books I read this past year it would be: They made me feel good when I closed the last page.


And by good I don't mean super happy or that the book was funny, but that I felt like I just had a great reading experience.


So in no particular order:


The books that put a goofy smile on my face:


Spotless - Camilla Monk,Amy McFadden 

Spotless - Camilla Monk,Amy McFadden

"Have you read Accidentally Married to the Billionaire Sheikh?"

March cringed "No, I haven't read...that."

"You should. It's a compelling read and an insightful look into the dynamics of relationships that start with abduction and forced marriage." I narrowed my eyes at him hoping he would get the point "In the beginning, Swanella --"

"Wait, the heroine's name is Swanella?"



The Deal - Elle Kennedy 

The Deal - Elle Kennedy  


“Just out of curiosity,” she says, “after you wake up in the morning, do you admire yourself in the mirror for one hour or two?”


“Two,” I reply cheerfully.


“Do you high five yourself?”


“Of course not.” I smirk. “I kiss each of my biceps and then point to the ceiling and thank the big man upstairs for creating such a perfect male specimen.”



The Parfit Knight - Stella Riley 


The Parfit Knight - Stella Riley 

“There was, in fact, one inmate of Oakleigh Manor who as not reconciled to his lordship’s presence. Contemptuous of mankind in general and outraged in particular by those members of who were rivals for his mistress’ attention, Broody sat on his perch and eyed the Marquis with growing malevolence”



Books that stuck with me long after I read them:


On the Edge of Love (Mama's Brood Book 1) - Shay Rucker 


On the Edge of Love (Mama's Brood Book 1) - Shay Rucker 

"Take away the crazy, three-quarters of the possessiveness, enhance his communication skills, and decrease his love for sticking people with sharp objects and she wouldn't hesitate to have sex with him. She was barely hesitating as it was."



Behind Blue Eyes: Hells Vipers, Book Two - Jordan Abbott 

Behind Blue Eyes: Hells Vipers, Book Two - Jordan Abbott 


“Pipe, don’t drink out of the carton!” She hated that her voice reflected the overwhelming insecurity she was feeling.


“Pipe, drink out of the glass, bro” Nuke said trying to defuse her foul mood.


“I hate it when Mom and Dad fight!” Pipe whined


“You’re upset because you were worried,” Nuke said, ignoring Pipe.


“Hell yes, I was worried!.”


He backed her into a wall, and they struggled again briefly before he pinned her hands above her heard with one hand. He gripped her face with his other hand and kissed her soundly on the mouth.


“This is hot! I hope they fuck. Where’s my phone?” Pipe started searching through the pickets on his cut and pants. “I got to record this! Wait you two, hold on a second.”


When he broke his kiss from her, Jasmine just stared at Nuke for a moment. “It might be foolish, but I do trust you. I fear the worst when I don’t hear from you.”


“I love you.” He whispered.


“I love you, too,” She said.


Entreat Me - Grace Draven 

Entreat Me - Grace Draven 


“I'm not laughing, and I'm not running. I wont lie either. You're a chilling sight to behold. I've had nightmares of monsters prettier than you." She stepped closer and raised her other hand to thread her fingers through his hair. This time he didn't flinch away. "But you're still you under all this flux nonsense. Only a fool of a woman would run from such an extraordinary man, and I am no fool, Ballard de Sauveterre.”


The Three-peaters:

Seriously, books from these series have made my best of list three years in a row....


Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels) - Ilona Andrews 

Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels) - Ilona Andrews  

“Give me some credit. Eduardo is one of our own. Finding him is all that matters. Besides, if I’d decided to pull Carver’s spine out of his body, I would’ve done it already.”


“Can you actually do that?”


Curran frowned. “I don’t know. I mean theoretically if you broke the spine above the pelvis, you could, but then there are ribs . . . I’ll have to try it sometime.”


Okay, then. That was not disturbing. Not at all.


“What do you suppose normal people talk about on their car rides?”



Foxglove Summer - Ben Aaronovitch 

Foxglove Summer - Ben Aaronovitch 


“The white boys knew they had my attention now, but hesitated -- that's the trouble with being a racist in the white heartlands, you don't get a lot of practical experience.”


Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop 

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop 



“Meg Corbyn entered the bathroom in the Human Liaison’s Office and laid out the items she’d labeled tools of prophecy: antiseptic ointment, bandages, and the silver folding razor decorated with pretty leaves and flowers on one side of the handle. On the other side of the handle, engraved in plain lettering, was the designation cs759. For twenty-four years, that designation had been the closest thing she had to a name.”


Favorite audiobook/story discovery:


New to me author and series that I inhaled this year.  Decided to put this one in as a collective since I read all four books this year... or rather listened to all four. 


The Lady Darby Mystery series


The Anatomist's Wife - Anna Lee Huber  Mortal Arts - Anna Lee Huber  A Grave Matter - Anna Lee Huber  A Study in Death - Anna Lee Huber