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BookaDay - Day 26

Gardens of the Moon - Steven Erikson

Book worth persevering


I suspect that when this month is over, my Science Fiction/Fantasy choices will far outweigh any others.  Odd, since I would not say this is my preferred genre, but it does make a deep impression when stuff pops to the top of my head for these categories.


In this case, this is yet another fantasy book that immediately popped to mind when I saw today's category.  Gardens of the Moon - Steven Erikson   is the first book in Steven Erikson's epic Malazan Book of the Fallen series which is currently at 10 books.


This first book was very difficult to get into.  Honestly, I don't know if I started reading this today that I would be able to persevere.  With my ereader where I have 60 or more books 'at the ready' all the time it is way too easy to switch over to something else.  This wasn't the case in 2001.


But this book is also the very definition of what I call a momentum book.  It starts off slow,  in media res, the author simultaneously gives you a lot of info and doesn't give you enough.  You really have to work for the story.  At first.  But then the story begins to work for you.  It builds and builds and builds.  Until you are whipping pages by so fast to find out what happens.  And by the end, you're thrilled.  And ready for the next one.