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BookaDay - Day 21

The Human Stain - Philip Roth Family Tree - Barbara Delinsky

Book that tackles a tricky subject


Both of these book has as it's underlying plot a person who is black passing as white and what, if any effects it has on the people around them once the secret is exposed.


One - The Human Stain - Philip Roth  - is about a professor who is accused of using a racial slur against African-American students.  The book explorers the issue on a more political scale, using such issues as political correctness, feminism, and self-determination.  These are all played out in the atmosphere of elite and often acidic academic politics.


The other - Family Tree - Barbara Delinsky   - is about a white couple who have just had a new baby.  But over the course of a few weeks the baby's skin darkens up and it is obvious he isn't white-white.  This book explores the issue on a more personal scale.  Accusations of adultery, neighbors whispering, fand amily outrage.  The wife, who had never known her biological father, sets out on a path of discovery.  While the husband is forced to struggle with his own ideas of identity.  Can he accept a child that doesn't "look" like him. And why does that even matter?