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BookaDay - Day 14

Silent Blade - Ilona Andrews Silver Shark - Ilona Andrews

Best Quick Reads


I dislike novellas.  I really do.  They sometimes fee like little snacks that just whet the appetite but never really satisfy. It is probably this way for me because I feel like I came into my reading own right around the time when I was branching out into reading fantasy and it was rare to find a fantasy novel, even a standalone, under 500 pages.   So i got indoctrinated into enjoying these big meaty books.


But once in awhile I am pleasantly surprised when I read a little quickie that feels complete and fools me into believing I read something longer than it is.


When I came across these two little gems from Ilona Andrews, I was initially reluctant because novellas.  But when i finished I was really rather pleased by how full I felt.  No little snack there.