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BookaDay - Day 6

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? - Jane Yolen, Mark Teague

Bedtime Story




For myself -- every book is a bedtime story.  The last thing I do before falling asleep is read. 


But either my husband or I read to our kids every night from the time they could focus on the pictures til the time they decided they wanted to read quietly to themselves.


My youngest son was eclectic.  He picked a different book every night.  Didn't have a favorite. 


But my oldest son went through a Dinosaur phase between the ages of three and four and every single item of clothing, toy, movie,and of course, book had to be dinosaur related.



I think We read How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? - Jane Yolen,Mark Teague  every night for a solid three months.  It got to the point we could recite it without even looking at the pages.  I think I'd catch myself mumbling it under my breath even during the day.


To be fair it has a catchy rhyming rhythm to it.  But even beyond the verbal, the visuals are  arresting.  The colors are over-saturated but rich in tones of deep gold, forest green and burgundy.  The dinosaurs are widely varied and lovingly detailed so that the child  who could name every. freaking. dinosaur. ever. could easily tell which species of dino as on that page.  LOL.  Good times.