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Spider's Bite

Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep

Solid Urban Fantasy that I ended up not liking as much as I thought I was going to.


It really should have hit all my happy places:

- Gin is a smart, unapologetic character

- Good supporting characters

- Interesting world build perfect for a darker UF

- Adventurous plot with lots of action

- Romance


So Why didn't I love it?


I think the biggest problem I had was I felt no emotional connection with Gin, her romance with Donovan or her vengeance quest.


I liked Gin.  I did.  I liked that she was good at what she did and didn't feel conflicted about it.  She is a survivor and what she is is what circumstances made her.  No use in being emo about it.  But her voice -- and this was narrated in first person -- felt distancing.  She was supposedly underneath it all a somewhat emotionally broken person and yet that vulnerability did not come through her voice for me.  Felt like plot/window dressing.


The action part of the plot was non-stop and exciting.  And yet the main impetus for Gin in this book -- finding and killing the murderer of her handler and father figure -- felt academic.  I didn't get to know him.  I had no emotional investment in him. So Gin's pain and suffering over his death didn't really affect me.  Again, felt necessary for the plot rather than as something I was outraged about and wanted to be redressed, ASAP.  And Gin's anger at Roslyn for, as Gin put it, being the cause for Fletcher being killed was a total head-scratcher.  Dude, she referred a client to your handler.  Presumably a reference is how assassins get work since you don't exactly advertise.  Gin's anger at Ros made no sense, instead it felt out of character since up til then Gin was very pragmatic about the dangers of her lifestyle and the likelihood that she and her associates could die at any time. 


The supporting characters including the two sisters Sophia and Jo,  Flynn, Ros, and   the baddies were all very well integrated into the story.  So I had no complaints there.


Hands down, though, the worst aspect was the romance.  Or rather romantic elements.  Gin gets it on with straight-laced detective Donovan Caine who is helping her out with finding her killer since Donovan has become a target as well.  But he hates her because she is the assassin who killed his partner.  But they are just so hot for each other they can't fight the lust.  Blah, blah, blah.  They had all the hot romantic chemistry of cold oatmeal.  Did not feel him or them at all.   As a matter of fact, Gin's constant salacious thoughts about him and her literal and figurative lip licking as she thought about his 'golden eyes' were rather eye-rolling.


So instead of making me want to dive right into the next one, I am  putting the rest of the series on the back burner and may revisit later.  But as of now I am not feeling any real motivation to continue.