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Freeing Carter

Freeing Carter - Nyrae Dawn

Anyone who has read my reviews over time or even takes a gander at my shelves knows that I don't do YA.  Outside of Harry Potter, I pretty much steer clear.


But my sister and I share a Kindle account and she has a healthier appreciation for YA than I do.  So when she told me I should try this one, I decided to give it a look see.


I am glad I did. This was such an engrossing read and so well done.  It felt smart and even though the romance kind of takes second place to all the stuff that is going on with Carter, it was enough to feed my romance soul.


Carter is a high school senior whose mother is an alcoholic.  He is a mass of emotions.  He loves her but he hates her.  He is ashamed that she drinks.  She isn't really a visible drunk and she isn't abusive or anything, so they manage to hide it, somewhat.  But Carter feels the burden of it all.  Of keeping his mother's alcoholism a secret,of trying to keep his younger sister from knowing, of trying to keep his mother from inadvertently harming her. 


The only time he feels any sense of freedom is when he is playing basketball.  And when he meets the new girl, Kira.  Kira is a free spirit who changes her look and hair like a chameleon.  She is funny and smart and she comes along at just the right time.


Carter and Kira and their friends feel like seniors in high school.  Outside of the very adult issues that Carter is facing with his mother he is facing very mundane issues, such as being the head basketball player who is dating a pretty head cheerleader in a relationship that is in it's death knell.  Or deciding on colleges.  Or going to the Winter formal.


This book is told in Carter's first person POV and his voice was very vibrant. I loved Carter.  I wanted to reach into the book and give him a big old hug.  He needed it bad.  I also loved him and Kira together.  They were sweet and awesome.


BTW,  I like the new cover of the book 1000 times better. It feels more right for the story.  The previous book looked like an adult romance and seriously, the girl on the cover is a racefail.  No way was that chick could pass for  the primarily African-American Kira.


Very nice book.