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Venetia - Georgette Heyer

I've pretty much learned that the combo of a good author + a great narrator is audiobook gold.  Once I find a good match I tend to stick with them.


Susan Elizabeth Phillips + Anna Fields

Joanna Bourne + Kirsten Potter

Marion Chesney/MC Beathon + Davina Porter

JD Robb + Susan Ericksen

Mercedes Lackey + Gabra Zackman


And now, Heyer + Phyllida Nash.


I had such a fantastic listening experience with The Talisman Ring that I snapped this one up.  Amazingly, Venetia is the one Heyer book I either never read or read so long ago I have completely forgotten it.


Really enjoyed this story of a smart young lady who knows her mind and will marry the man she wants even though everyone seems to be against them. 


And Nash's reading is lovely.