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My Lord and Spymaster

My Lord and Spymaster - Joanna Bourne

Continuing my audio listen of Jo Bourne's Spymaster series.  The narrator is the sole reason I am listening to these rather than reading them, she's that good.


That said, of all the books in this series I have read so far:

 - The Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne   - 5 Stars

 - The Forbidden Rose (Berkley Sensation Historical Romance) - Joanna Bourne  - 4 Stars


This one is my least favorite.  First I don't understand the title, the hero isn't even a spy.  He's a ship's captain.  But nevermind that...


The problem for me was the heroine Jess.  She was just all over the place.  And the intrigue plot with finding the infamous traitor Cinque felt also all over the place.  There were some great set pieces and scenes that kept the story moving, but overall I wasn't as gone over this as I was with the other two.  Also the romantic chemistry between Jess and her captain just wasn't as intense as it was for the couples in the other two books.


Still this is worth a listen to just for the lovely voice performance of Kirsten Potter.