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Forbidden Rose

The Forbidden Rose (Berkley Sensation Historical Romance) - Joanna Bourne

I first came across Jo Bourne's Spymaster series after reading a rather interesting debate about the heroine in The Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne .   Initially I had no interest in that story.  Zero.  I was not interested in historicals at the time and definitely hated anything that had to do with what I call the dreaded 'Spying Duke.'  But I actually ended up getting that book as an audiobook,  I had a truckload of audible credits and became rather desperate to offload a few of them.


That book became a 5-star listen/read for me and a lot of it had to do with the narrator, Kirsten Potter.  And to be fair, the story was fun as hell,  I loved all the spy vs. spy and all the plotting and counter-plotting every single character did.


I went back to see if the other books in the series were in audio and sadly they weren't.  Until earlier this year,.  And with Kirsten Potter narrating!  Score!!!  So I snapped them all up in audio with this one being the first one I decided to listen to. 


While it was not written first in publication order, it is the first chronologically and it details the story of the big, quietly fierce Doyle and his French emigree wife Marguerite.


Like The Spymaster's Lady, this is a story of spies and subterfuge and people all working at cross purposes.  There is a little feel of a caper at the end and Maggie and Doyle have to outwit a powerful enemy.  The book also peppers in some actual history with the events surrounding the last days of Robespierre and the end of the Reign of terror with Maggie and Doyle being key participants.  It felt rather like an old skool Hist romance in that sense.


Kirsten Potter, of course, made this is a stellar listening experience.  Her voice is like buttah!  And she does accents gorgeously.