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Sixth Grave on the Edge

Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones

I fully admit that my enjoyment of Charley and the series as a whole can rather affect my perception here.


In this case, I have to say this book is really tough to review.  The book kinda meandered.  I couldn't really get a bead on what was going on. It felt like a bread-crumb mystery albeit one that was out of control and rather than following the crumbs, I felt like we were being catapulted in crazy directions from one to another like a pin-ball.


The story really was all over the place.  Charley trying to discover the mystery of Mr. Wong. Charley trying to discover Reyes' birth family, Charley trying to figure out who the naked guy in her car is, Charley trying to figure out what is going on with her dad, Charley trying to figure out the scope of her powers,  etc.etc.  There were so many subplots going on on one level, while at the same time there were character developments happening on another.  Charley & Reyes' (will she?  wont' she?), Cookie and Uncle Bob, even Swopes swoops  in with some interpersonal drama.


I think that in the sense of overall myth-arc of Charley's existence and what she is supposed to be doing, the forward momentum in this felt like a bit of a stall.  New characters and concepts were introduced before we had gotten any real answers about mysteries still lingering.


That said... this was still a fun read.  Charley is Charley in all her 'naming inanimate objects, non-sequiter conversations' loopy humor glory.  And even if the cohesion of the story was not there, I just can't hate on this too much.  Yeah, I liked the earlier books a LOT more.  But still I get these books when they first come out because they entertain the hell out of me and that counts for a lot.