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Hard Time

Hard Time - Cara McKenna

Eric Collier the hero of this book meets the heroine Annie Goodhouse while he is in prison doing a 5- 8 on aggravated assault.  She is a librarian who comes to the prison to help the inmates with a whole range of literacy issues.


I of course had this book on my TBR because it I enjoy this author's work immensely and as I have mentioned in other reviews I have done of her work, she is one of the few who writes about blue collar -- sometimes even poor --  characters and is able to make their romance story just as romantic and important as all those fairytale billionaires running around.  And Eric is about as far removed from a fancy billionaire as one can get.  He is a prison inmate, who lives in an economically depressed iron belt town, who did not finish high school (and never got a GED). 


So yeah, I had this on my tbr, but I wasn't sure if she'd sell me on a prison romance.


Well she did.  Sold the hell out if.  Lovely romantic story that takes place at first as a quasi epistolary romance.  They are not able to communicate the way they want to while inside the prison so they pass letters to each other.  Sweet, hot and lovely letters.


And then Eric gets an early release and shit gets real!  I liked Annie's reaction to the change in what, ironically, had been a "safe" romance romance.  Actually the reactions of Annie and Eric felt honest and I like how they navigated through their relationship. 


So another winner from this author for me.