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Unexpected Consequences of Love

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love - Jill Mansell

Fairly typical example of Mansell's work in that it is a musical chairs of light-hearted romances where in the end, everyone has been sorted out in various happy pairs.  All told from multiple POVs.


The main couple is Sophie and Josh.  She is a photographer who doesn't date and he is the handsome entrepreneur who has his eye on her.    Sophie has some past heartache that she is still working through, which is told in a great flashback.  Josh really wants to start something with her but needs to get past the hard shell she's put.  He just needs to figure out what it is. 


While I liked Sophie quite a bit, i had a hard time understanding why Josh was so infatuated with her.  She rebuffed him at every turn.  They barely had the chance to really get to know each other before Josh had conquered Sophie's fears and they were having their HEA.  Even for Mansell's decidedly frothy style which I normally go with quite easily, Sophie and Josh just didn't connect for me.


Much better is the secondary couple Tula and Riley.  Tula is a stitch.  She is madly infatuated with Josh (who only talks to her to get intel on her best friend Sophie). Meanwhile Riley slowly falls in love with Tula.  He's a handsome, surfer womanizer type who makes his living as his famous author aunt's personal assistant.  Which basically means he doesn't do much.  And even though Tula is a little flaky and flighty, her one requirement for a boyfriend is that he has a good work ethic which she doesn't believe Riley has.  But Riley is more than meets the eye.


I loved these two and i knew that there was something going on with Riley.  I loved how his story played out.  And even though Tula was a a bit much sometimes, I couldn't help but really like her.


And finally the last couple was the most poignant.  Dot and Lawrence had been married for close to 40 years.  But a few years ago Lawrence fell crazily in love with another woman and left Dot.  But now he wants Dot back.


I thought Dot and Lawrence's story was probably the most interesting.  It had a few twists and turns that made for some good drama.


For me Mansell is a comfort read.  She has such a deep back-list that it is easy to find Surprise! one that I hadn't read yet.  And yet, I know exactly what I get.  In some authors I would find this samey-ness boring and a little off-putting.  But there is some strange alchemy with this author that just makes me was to pop these books like candy-corn.


Fun read.  Not one that breaks out of the pack like some of her others, but still fun nonetheless.