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Book Bingo Challenge

Book Bingo card


I usually suck at challenges because I tend to lose interest about halfway through or contrarily, my reading mood inevitably morphs into something that is the exact opposite of what the challenge asks for.  No matter how different from each other the books are on the challenge I want to read something even different-er. 


But one of my reading resolutions this year so that I would not fall back into a slump like last year was to read differently.  To change it up.  To go outside my comfort zone.  To be  little adventurous.  I liked this challenge because not only are there interesting wide open options, but it is a Bingo card.  It'll be fun to fill it in like a real Bingo game and to see how I fill the card first.


Source: http://www.retreatbyrandomhouse.ca/2014/01/reading-bingo-challenge-2014