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Whereupon I discovered my kindle highlights

The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1) - Lindsay Buroker Drew in Blue - J.M. Kelley Enslaved In Shadows (Author Cut) (The Shadow Unit) - Tigris Eden Beauty Queens - Libba Bray

So I am tooling around Amazon.com and stumbled upon the archive of all the passages I ever highlighted on my kindle.  I was kind of horrified cuz, well, Big Brother!  But then kind of intrigued.  As I looked at them all in the same place I wondered what kind of stuff did I find myself compelled to highlight?


As it turns out, the funny, profane and downright dumb.  Here are some highlights (pun intended)


  "It's true that I hadn't been to church since Michael Jackson had a Jheri curl, but did I deserve this?" - Chloe 


  “Because I’m perched in the rafters of a cannery, at risk from a man-slaying magical creature, and spending time with a drunk, a gangster, and an assassin at…what time is it?” - Amaranthe Lockdon


“Any you leave alive today will be after you tomorrow.” - Sicarius the Assassin



"She beamed again. “If you’ll refer to the goldenrod-colored sheet of paper, you’ll see my list of fees.” My hatred for her deepened. I think it was because of her coding system. She was anal-retentive, yet she had a lousy sense of the color spectrum. Her pay-scale sheet wasn’t goldenrod. It was clearly saffron. Her blatant inability to decipher such differences offended my delicate artist’s sensibilities." - Drew


  “I want you, Rhona.”


She stripped off her soaking-wet fur cape and put it over a low-hanging branch near her bedroll.


“You want me to do what?”


At that point, Vigholf was at a loss. He raised his hands in defeat, his mouth open as he gawked at her. When he didn’t reply to her stupid question, Rhona looked at him.


“Why are you staring at me like . . .” She blinked. Twice.  “Oh. You mean . . .” Her eyes widened. “Oh!” Narrowed. “Oh.” Shook her head, appearing a bit disgusted. “Oh.” Then she smiled a bit. “Oh.” Then she sort of slumped and sighed. “Oh.”



  “This is not your fucking captain speaking.” Dietrich’s voice squawked over the intercom. “Don’t fucking bother me. If you can’t locate the exits, well you’re shit out of luck. Head’s in the rear of the plane and I didn’t pack shit for you motherfucker's to eat so deal with it. This flight will take approximately one hour. Don’t make me crash the fucking plane. Cause I will if I deem it necessary.”



You know Ben who bowls with Chuckie?”


“Ben? Three-finger Ben?”


Margie shoots me a look from over her shoulder. “He’s missing thumbs. The man has a disability,Tia. He has other fingers, though. And if he can still bowl a top 200 on average, that means he knows how to use what he got."


  "But when it came to love, the message for girls seemed to be this: Don’t. Don’t go after what you want. Wait. Wait to be chosen, as if only in the eye of another could one truly find value. The message was confusing and infuriating. It was a shell game with no actual pea under the rapidly moving cups."





And then there is this...





"His baritone treble was silky smooth and crystal clear.  It shook his Adam's apple and the words that twisted menacingly around his accent."


"And his eyes -- they were the same burning prisms ever day -- torturing her with horrible thoughts"


"Rain tattered at the windows"


"His blonde tendrils were trenched in rain"