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Single Date

A Single Date (Dating Just Got Serious) - Jacki Kelly

So... we were on our way to get our Christmas tree.  We always drive a few miles out of our way to go to this big Christmas tree farm that is about 45 mins away from us.  it is a nice drive and the place to get the trees is great.  It is a nice operation where they have a lodge with a roaring fire and hot chocolate and fresh cookies to warm you up after you've hauled your tree back after cutting it.  You can eat and sip while they are expertly shaking it, baling it, and tying it to the roof rack of your car.  


So while my kids were out terrorizing the snow and my husband was trekking around the farm, I decided to sit and sip my cocoa and pull out my kindle to see what I could quickly read in the short time I had while waiting for them tell me my tree was done.


I picked this one randomly because it looked short.  Alas, it was shorter than I anticipated because I chose not to finish it. 


It starts off promising enough with the heroine, Yolanda  being late to meeting her potential contractor Drew at her condo.  Apparently she has been late to earlier meetings and as a result he doesn't think much of her as potential client for his services.


Immediately their initial interaction feels off and a inappropriate.  He is described as 'Intimidating' and he steps into her space freezing her with an penetrating stare, and as she is about to show him where she wanted the renovations done inside her house "his eyes took a long, slow tour of her hips and then down her legs."


Now, this is a single woman, who lives alone is meeting with this contractor  - a big male who is described as being muscular and 6'5 -- in her house.  She has just literally met this man.  I get the impression that we were supposed to feel the sexiness.  I just felt the creepiness.  No way in hell I am going into my house alone with this stranger who is looking at me that way.  This is how women end up imprisoned in basements for 20 years. I'm just sayin'...


The offness continues with her showing him what she wants done in the kitchen and bathroom and he tells her "While you're certainly uptight and you're obviously a corporate big shot, you're the best looking one I've seen in a long time."


This is the guy she is trying to get  quote from to work on her house.  What kind of contractor acts this way?  Ewww.   The one time I had to have a contractor in to see about cutting out a wall to install french doors, he was too busy trying to figure out whether the wall was load bearing and rhapsodizing about the maple woodwork in my house to even notice me. 


Later they make their way back to the kitchen where she gets down a bottle of wine and pours herself a glass -- neglecting to offer the creepy guy even so much as a glass of water.  So he's a creeper and she's rude.


There was more but I just couldn't.  So I am done.  This one goes in the DNF column.