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Jagged - Kristen Ashley

I read this book last week and in my initial review on Amazon, I was more generous in my reaction to it than I will be here.  After a few days of reflection, I think this book is a signal that I've read too much Kristen Ashley. 


I have read all of her contemporary romance series (except Rock Chick -- couldn't stand that series after the second book and pretty much DNF'd the rest of the series) and have enjoyed them.  But honestly, even her most die hard fans can't deny that there is so much similarity in her characters and dialogue that over time they start to blend.


This book, is a poster child to that concept.  Zara is every other KA heroine.  Ham is every other KA hero.  The dialogue is the same, has the same cadences, the family drama is the same etc. etc. 


I can't even write a great synopsis because honestly nothing much happens.  Nothing about this one stood out to make it sing for me.  It felt depressingly like a phone in.I know that KA is a very prolific author and I've read a lot of her books in a very short period of time.  And that may be part of my issue.  I think that I'll probably break up with her for awhile.  I won't jump right on the next one that comes out.  Maybe a break will make the difference so that when I do pick up the next KA it won't feel so familiar.