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Breaking the Rules (Troubleshooters)

Breaking the Rules - Suzanne Brockmann This is the only time I have ever DNF'd a Suzanne Brockmann book, but at least I made it through 50% of the book. I probably should have bypassed this book because I heartily disliked Izzy and and Eden as a couple in the previous books and I disliked Danny Gilman's attitude about the whole thing.

This book changed nothing. In fact, it was kinda worse. I thought there would be some growth with Eden but I thought her treatment of Izzy was still bad. And I love Izzy to death but I was never convinced of his great love of Eden and I hated even more how apologetic he seemed.

But beyond that, I was just not interested in the depressing domestic drama with the unrelentingly downtrodden, Hurricane Katrina displaced Gillman clan (complete with an abusive step-father, disinterested mother, and a gay-diabetic bullied brother). Added to that was a weird subplot about a child-prostitution-slavery ring that contributed to the downer vibe.

As I decided to stop reading, I thought nostalgically of the earlier books in the series when the plots consisted of these big, bad SEALS rescuing people from countries that end in -stan, or negotiating to take hostages off a terrorist hijacked airplane. Much more exciting than struggling through the travails of a whiny, immature girl-child.