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Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter)

Archangel's Consort   - Nalini Singh Hmmm.... I dunno. I think my expectations for what this book would bring was a little too high. I didn't enjoy it as much as my fellow GR'ers. I read it and enjoyed parts of it but my overall feeling of it after was that it was a wildly uneven book that was brilliant in places and lackluster in others.

What worked:

Elena's incorporation in Raphael's life. She's slowly finding her place in his home, working with his Seven, building her skills as a fighter, building her muscles as a flyer. This all worked really well in the book and made sense given the timeline within the story.

The Seven. We are slowly learning more about the angels & vamps that make up Raphael's trusted inner circle. I also like that with the exception of Illium, they all have a very prickly relationship with Elena. There is always the sense that they tolerate her for Raphael but there is a glimmering, the merest hint that some of them are beginning to grudgingly respect her.

Family life. This is the most we've seen of Elena's interaction with her family. There was some welcome forward momentum in that direction. The story added some layers to the character of Jeffrey, her sisters, her stepmother and Elena's relationship with all of them. We also got a lot more information about Raphael's mother Caliane. Singh is coloring in some of the outlines she made of the character so she isn't merely the monster who left her son broken in the middle of the field.

Angel's Flight. Ok I generally had a problem with the sex in this book (see below) but the scene of Raphael and Elena having sex while flying acrobatically was actually quite awesomely written.

What didn't work:

The sex. There was too much of it and it really messed with the rhythm and pacing of the story. We'd be reading about crazy vampires, killer angels and Raphael and Elena would argue and then have sex. Elena and Raphael and clearly in love and in lust with each other but I really had an issue with the placement and frequency of the sex scenes.

The repetition. I felt that Elena and Raphael's arguments about her needing to be independent and she was a fighter were a bit lather, rinse, repeat throughout the book.

Villains. There really isn't a real villain in this book, per se. But the main adversary is someone we've seen before.

The pacing. I actually put the book down a few times because the story felt a bit sluggish. A lot of it was Elena running around to see that vamps were going crazy and a lot of Raphael and the other angels worrying about Caliane waking up and what it was doing to everybody. You are supposed to anticipate the climactic ending through the build up but I was saying to myself 'Well would she just wake up already?'

The ending. After all the sound and fury of Caliane waking up, the ending was incredibly anticlimactic. There is a cadre meeting after all the crazy events that happen when Caliane wake up and everything is pretty much status quo. Well, Caliane is awake but nobody knows what that means yet.

So yeah, when I finished this one there wasn't that sigh of satisfaction and wishing the next book was here already like I did with the first book.