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All I Ever Wanted - Kristan Higgins ....And she's back.

After a disappointing recent outing with [b:The Next Best Thing|8273304|The Next Best Thing|Kristan Higgins|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51M1VnmpSvL._SL75_.jpg|6965083] KH has come back with a book that is strongly reminiscent of her earlier and much better (much funnier) reads.

I knew when poor Callie's birthday party got relocated to the Serenity Room in her family's funeral home that I was in for a treat.

For people who really enjoy KH's voice, this book is a great showcase for the stuff that makes her so enjoyable. She writes great family dynamic and the Grey family is a total hit out the ballpark. I loved them all, from her lethal mother to her genius ne'er do well brother and her George Clooney/Cary Grant-esque father. Everybody had a personality that just leaps off the page, but unlike her last book where everyone was a tic or a quirk, this group seemed real.

Also in typical KH fashion the heroine is madly in love and obsesses over a man who is utterly wrong for her until she realizes that the hero is the man for her. In some of KH's books, that obsession with another guy can skirt the line of being overpowering almost to the detriment of the heroine's relationship with the hero. But I think she struck the right balance with this one. Callie gets a painful wake up call about the guy she's madly in love with and has to come to the slow realization that she has to move on. It isn't instantaneous and I think her move from Mark to the hero Ian is well done and felt very natural.

Ian, kinda like Maloner The Loner in [b:Catch of the Day|8579307|Catch of the Day|Kristan Higgins|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51DqBDlMvzL._SL75_.jpg|934942] (my second favorite KH book) is extremely taciturn. But at least Ian is a bit more approachable than Malone was. Callie very slowly pulls him out of his shell. And it is a nice relationship to watch blossom.

I finished this in one and night and completely enjoyed it!