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Undeniably Yours - Shannon Stacey The only reason this book gets even three stars is because of the hero, his dialogue, and the B-plot. The heroine was a very frustrating protagonist to read about and was the reason I originally contemplated giving the book 2-stars.

Kevin Kowalski is a bar owner from a huge and loving family. He is immediately attracted to Beth and the two have a memorable night together. Very memorable as it turns out because he condom failed and beth is pregnant.

Before I get to my problems with Beth, I'll say what I liked about the book.

Kevin, the scenes in the bar he owns, Paulie, and the Kowalski family are great. I loved Kevin's character. He is a stand up guy who LOVES his Boston teams with an almost comic fervor. The big family interaction is well depicted without being overly cloying or precious. I enjoyed how all the brothers snark on each other and get along. Yup, Kevin is a fantastic character.

And then there's Paulie. She is Kevin's right hand at his sports bar and has a whopper of a secret that comes out in the course of the book. Her romance has a better hook and was much more involving than the one between Kevin and Beth. Paulie and Sam should have been the main story. I was so invested in them and wanted to follow the course of their relationship much more!

But Beth annoyed the bejeesus out of me. There is being independent and proud and then there is being just plain stupid. She was just such a frustrating character because I could find no reason for some the of decisions she made or why she continued to treat people so stand-offishly when they only wanted to help her. Why is it considered a bad thing to accept help? Especially when the help is coming from the father of your baby? And this continues up to the bitter end of the book. I couldn't for the life of me see why Kevin would continue to put up with her.

The other big weakness of the book outside of Beth is I simply didn't buy why Kevin was so into her so quickly. Yes you can be attracted to someone, but he was into her from the start and never looked back. They hadn't really even shared a meaningful conversation before they were between the sheets and he was contemplating changing his long established dating pattern behavior just for her. And...I dunno....I just felt he was into her waaaay more that she was into him. That may not have been the intent of the author. But that is in the end how I felt about the characters.

Read it for the hero and the B-romance plot. Try not to want to slap the heroine too much.