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Starting Over - Marie Force Eh, glad I only borrowed this one. This was one of those quick, easy contemporary reads that I like to gobble down once in awhile. I liked the first two books in the series they yanked a lot of outrage chains and they were super fun to read. This one fell all over itself in it's earnestness. Part of he problem is that the first part of the book felt like it was a by-the-book primer on AA and Al-Anon. I felt like I was reading a manual, not a story about this person's experience with alcohol addiction.

After the initial pedantic chapters, the story finally settles into itself and gets better. I have decided that I just need to roll with the fact that MF allows her characters to fall in love almost instantly without a lot of build up -- a lot of tell, only a little of show. I like aspects of her writing enough that I'll live with what will always largely be an issue for me. This book features not just one but two insta-loves. And I while I could kinda believe Brandon/Daphne, the meet-love-marriage with Colin & Meredith was too quick. Their "love-story" probably had the word-count equivalent of two chapters at most.

Not one of her best, imo.