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Now May You Weep - Deborah Crombie Very favorite installment of the series so far. Would have been five stars except once again the author travels unnecessarily into the land of the woo-woo with present day Hazel having prophetic (or rather anti-prophetic?) dreams of something that happened in the past over 100 years ago that of course has a direct impact of a present day murder.

I think this is the first time I really was upset and sad about the victim. So far in this series I have been apathetic about the actual life of he victims. Even though the author has taken pains in previous books to make the victim a 'person' and not just the necessary element of a mystery to be solved, I never connected with them. But in this one I was very upset that Donald was the victim. I thought the author made him such a magnetic personality even in the smallish amount of time he spent in the book. Oh well. Great story and I liked how she gleefully up-ended Hazel's life to give us this installment.

Also surprisingly enjoying the ongoing domestic travails of Gemma and Duncan's topsy turvy personal life. Didn't think I would but it adds some nice continuity to the series.