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What the Heart Knows - Shyla Colt Oliver Young is a widower who has a hard time adjusting to the death of his wife. He feels responsible for her death and has a hard time moving forward.

Juni Bloom is a young woman who has a lot of living to do and a list to prove it.

The two meet up one day when Oliver finds himself wandering into her family's coffee shop. They are immediately attracted to one another. For the first time Oliver feels drawn to someone who can pull him out of his funk. Juni's effervescent personality and light spirit prove irresistible.

For Juni, Oliver might possible be #100 on her list...find true love.

I have had my eye on this author for awhile. But I've been burned too many times by new-to-me names and short-ish books. Anyone who reads my reviews know that I am NOT a fan of the novella. But I wanted something to cut my teeth on with this author and I figure if she could make a story work for me in a short format then I might just be open to something longer format.

I am glad I tried this. A special thanks to my friend May for the lend!

There is light paranormal element to the story that most readers will figure out fairly quickly.
As I was reading I was pretty sure where this story was going. I was right and kind of wrong. It was gratifying to see where the author took the story -- to a place I didn't really predict. And it made for a more exciting story.

The writing was really nice and polished. It didn't have that unfinished, pedestrian feel that I am used to with the shorter IR novellas that seem to have proliferated recently. The characterizations felt complete. I do think the short form made the story feel a bit rushed, especially at the end. But still I think the author did a great job of making the story feel complete.

Nice read. I plan to look up more from this author.