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Face of Betrayal - Lis Wiehl, April Henry I was surprised to see this as Christina fiction. I am glad I didn't see the tag first because I did enjoy the book and normally would have given it a pass. I think calling it Christian fiction is a bit of a stretch. One of the characters is Catholic and has moments where she ponders her faith and thinks about God, but the story isn't focused on that. This is a murder mystery/suspense thriller through and through.

It follows three main characters, Allison, Nicole and Cassidy who are good friends and call themselves the 'Triple Threat'. Allison is a prosecutor with the DA's office. Nicole is an FBI agent with the Portland office and Cassidy is an on-air anchor with the local news. Their professional paths often cross as it does in this book.

A young teenaged girl goes missing and the thus the story begins.

I really liked how the author pulled together all the elements of how the phenomenon of a pretty, young, white missing girl becomes a nationwide story.

We get to see how Nic works the case from the investigative perspective. She creates rapport with the family, walks through the girl's room, she questions the family and community. We also get to see how Allison works the case from the DA's perspective. Once they narrow in on a suspect they feel is a viable one, she wrangles with the suspect's lawyer and convenes a grand jury. I liked the details the author included as she took us through the steps Allison took in following due process.

We also get to see how the media crafts the narrative and creates the sensationalism surrounding these things as well via Cassidy who sees this as her big break. We see how the story moves from the tragedy of a a missing girl to the titillating details surrounding the suspect.

We also see how the family, the community, innocent bystanders, and the suspect(s) get swept up in the frenzy.

The story moves fast. There are no chapter breaks only date breaks as the investigation moves forward each time. The story reads like a fast paced police procedural and whodunnit all at once.

The story also takes time to break from the main focus and allows us to get to know the three women in their personal life.

I really enjoyed this. I was never bored, and I was surprised at identity of the perp.