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Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh Started out a bit slow for me. But when it finally kicked in it didn't let go.

I am really liking the dynamic of Elena and Raphael's relationship. It is prickly, it is a push-pull of dominance. I like that Elena won't let this Awesome Being just roll over her. She stands toe to toe with him. And I think Raphael, despite him being this millenia-aged creature of terrible beauty and infinite power, he respects her strength. And I loved that even he was helpless when confronted with this strong woman's tears.

As in the previous book, I really enjoyed learning more about Raphael's elite Seven.

Book loses a star because even though it picked up in the middle, the beginning had the feel of filler with Elena needing to learn how to use her wings etc. So i really had a big of a go trying to keep with it.

Still, I am in love with this series.