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The Famous Heroine - Mary Balogh Delightful. I always enjoy books that feature an outsider as the protagonist. The person who isn't part of the norm or establishment and whose wry observations often can be used to hold a mirror up to people who are part of the establishment.

This is Cora in a nutshell. She isn't part of the ton but she is embraced as one of them because she has been reared gently and saved the life of one of their own. And although she is often perplexed by the rules of polite society she learns the hard way that they must be abided. Through the course of the story, Cora comes to understand that appearances are more truth and reality. And that is a theme that underscores this story throughout.

But Cora is a wonderful heroine. I always like it when Balogh gives us a fun, natural heroine, like Chris in Slightly Dangerous. Cora reminds me quite a bit of Chris.

Francis Kneller, who was a fixture in the previous two books Dark Angel and Lord Carew's Bride, is the hero in this one. And I was happy to see that he was. He is a great character, a dandy with a bored drawl and a propensity for bright colors, he had fallen in love with Samantha from the previous book and didn't react to well at her rejection of him.

I wondered how Balogh would deal with Francis' love for Samantha and was gratified that she didn't downplay it but allowed it to follow it's logical conclusion.

i am really enjoying my foray into Balogh's backlist!