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Bed of Roses - Nora Roberts The best thing I can say about this book is that it was unobjectionable. Except for one part, that is.

This is the second book in the 4-part Brides series about a group of lifelong friends who have a full service wedding business called Vows.

The first book Vision in White featured Mac, the photographer of the group. I barely remember anything that happened in that one because I had to reacquaint myself with everybody else in this one again and truly did not remember any of them.

This one features Emma, the florist/flowers expert in the group. She falls for one of their other lifelong friends, Jack. She is supposed to be the freewheeling, nicest one of the group. I guess. So she's concerned, a lot, about how her and Jack's new romantic entanglement will affect their entire group dynamic, which not only includes the four female best friends but also Carter, Mac's fiance but also Del, the brother of one of the four besties and a silent partner in Vows.

Like the first book where we learned all about how Mac's photography worked within the business, this one is all about Emma and her flowers.

There isn't much more to say really, which is why I think this book earns only two stars and I will probably forget all about it in a week or two. There is no meat in it, nothing really to bite your teeth into. It doesn't make me sigh in satisfaction or hurl with annoyance. I just go 'eh.'

The one part I did roll my eyes at was near the end when Emma goes to visit Jack and decides he doesn't love her because he hasn't given her a key to his apartment (mind you they've only been dating for three months) and because he was annoyed after a hellish day to find her blasting ABBA in his apartment. So she yells and him and goes crying to her friends while he, quite naturally, doesn't get what just happened. He is reviled by said friends and is advised to crawl for forgiveness. It is a moment of utter manufactured drama in a book, actually an entire series, that has been largely drama free.

So drama free that I think it lives quite firmly in the realm of romantic fantasy. It just doesn't seem to be realistic that these four friends who all work and live together and by all accounts do everything together don't get on each others' nerves...at all. Instead they tell everything to each other, every little thing. They vacation together, they eat together, they work out together. etc. And they don't argue or bitch each other out. Ever. And they each have the one talent necessary to make their business work flawlessly. Add to that they muse, a lot, about how perfect it is that they work at what they love doing.

That isn't to say there aren't some good ideas in the series. I actually like the idea of a book that looks at the craziness surrounding weddings. Frankly the best parts of the books are when the various wedding parties make an appearance and you get to see the different personality types -- the Bridezillas, the mean Bridesmaids, the family inter fighting etc. It is during these parts that the books get really entertaining and come alive. I also like the one huge society wedding that is the cohesive wedding arc that is running through all the books and has the four women on their toes, bending over backward trying to please the bride and her mother. Hopefully Roberts will let us see that wedding in all it's glory in the last book. I might actually finish the series just to see it. How sad is that?

I honestly would not recommend this book to any but the most hardcore NR fan.