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A Rake's Vow - Stephanie Laurens I think this will most likely be the last Laurens book I try. I have not enjoyed the two I've read.

I actually liked the hero. I think he was the only aspect of this entire book I liked. I did not understand why he was so immediately besotted with the heroine. She was something of a cipher. I never got a good feel of her character or any strong ...well...anything about her. She was pretty, that was about it.

The mystery aspect was quite tedious. Not enough to hang a plot on at all. And like the first book Devil's Bride in this series, the author pretty much gives everybody hints big enough to paint billboards on about who the perpetrator is. So simply reading to see when the protagonists figure it out is a chore.

The main thing, though, that aggravated me to no end in this book is the heroine's steadfast refusal to marry the hero because he, as we are told, ad nauseum, is an 'elegant gentleman' just like her father. The heroine's father ignored his family because he was busily off in London being elegant, thus causing the heroine to choose to never marry. This is added to the fact that she had no problems boinking him whenever and wherever. I had major problems with a woman of her time, class and upbringing being so cavalier about sex and having no qualms about the possible consequences. And yet she would not even consider marrying him. It struck me as odd and wrong.

I was also bored.