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The Ultimate Betrayal - Michelle Reid Rachel and Daniel have been married for 7 years and have 3 wonderful children when Rachel's 'Best Friend' tells her that Daniel has been sleeping around with another woman.

When confronted, Daniel doesn't deny it and Rachel is devastated. Daniel insists that it is over and wants to make the marriage work. Rachel feels very vulnerable and unattractive and feels almost as if she has been kept in a prison for seven years.

Rachel tries to move out the previous suffocation confines of her marriage, while Daniel attempts to reconcile with is wife.

This is a case where i fully believe the constraints of the format really made the story suffer.

First, even though Rachel has been married to Daniel for 7 years and has 3 kids, she still comes off like a stereotypical, young naive harlequin virgin. And she's too nice. What woman in her right mind will consider a person her best friend who routinely and with serious disdain refer to your kids as 'brats'? Her relationship with her so-called best friend was as dysfunctional as her relationship with her husband.

I also don't see how it is at all realistic that a man of Daniel's stature in business could have (or would have)kept the fact that he is married a secret. He has never invited Rachel to a business dinner? Had colleagues over? Had never had her act as hostess for anything? Never went out in public with the family? Weird.

I actually really like Michelle Reid's early stuff for HP, but I could have given this book a pass.