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Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun Lacey Meyers is a recent divorcee whose husband left her after many years of marriage. They had met in college and married right after. He had been her one and only love. Now single and celibate for almost two years, Lacey feels that she needs to expand her horizons. She had lived vicariously through her best friend who had lived the club girl and quick hook up life. Just once, Lacey wanted to try it for herself. Meet a guy at a bar and take him home for no strings sex.

Hunter Anderson is a cop who just happens to be a popular meat-market type bar waiting for a friend who never shows up. But he runs into Lacey. The two of them flirt, lightly at first and then with much deliberation. Before you know it, they are having seriously hot sex in the parking lot.

But what was supposed to be a simple hook-up with no strings becomes something more. For Lacey, Hunter's consideration and respect was definitely something she wasn't anticipating in a one-night stand. For Hunter, Lacey's shyness and obvious good-breeding makes her an atypical bar bunny. The two begin, somewhat tentatively, making steps toward a more fulfilling relationship.

Firs to say, the cover does this book no justice. The quality of the writing and the storytelling is much higher than the quality of the cover.

While this book is listed as erotica it reads really more like a hot romance --- scorching hot parking lot sex notwithstanding. But that is just the prelude to what becomes a very satisfying love story.

What I liked the most about this book is that the relationship conflict was completely internal and 100% believable. Lacy simply wanted to break out a bit. She has a blue-blood pedigree, a high powered career and a healthy trust fund. She's had been married to, and sincerely in love with, a man who has some self hate issues and was uninventive in bed. Shes' 36 years old and feels that she has lost out on the the things that a lot of women experience in their 20s.

For his part, Hunter is very satisfied with his life. he loves being a cop and a free and easy bachelor who, as we find later, has major commitment issues. He is decidedly blue collar and is a cop down to his toes.

They begin to negotiate the delicate balance between how to mesh their disparate life styles with their very real desire and burgeoning affection for each other.

There are a lot of internal though processes that enhance the story rather than bog it down. The reader really gets where each of the two characters are coming from as they navigate the relationship so their actions and reactions toward each other make sense. As you are reading the book you actually can feel the relationship build.

This is why I have to give a major hats off to the writer. Ms. Calhoun does a great job of building the romantic/relationship tension between these two. I felt very involved and invested in them succeeding and I was really rooting for both of them.

I have one small niggle, though. Hunter is younger than Lacey by 8 years (he's 28 she's 36) and there is reference to her being a cougar. However, not once did I get the impression of Lacey being that much older or mature than Hunter so that that age difference gave the feel of an older lady and her boy toy. The writing also didn't bear this out. Their difference was a class differential that Hunter felt more keenly than Lacey, but the age thing never resonated.

But this was such a good book that I read it in one sitting because the two protagonists were so approachable, the story was just a good, no frills story about a growing relationship with no external frou-frous and the sex, while really hot, wasn't vulgar.

Highly recommend!