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Release - Beth Kery I always enjoy Beth Kery's work. She writes really good relationship stories that happen to include some really smokin' sex scenes. I would have given this four stars except I couldn't get over how much Max, Genny's ex-husband, squicked me out. It was bad enough that he was a megalomanical ass but the whole sharing her scenario with Sean came off as distasteful.

I read menage erotica so that part wasn't the issue. But to that point the relationship dynamic Kery had established amongst the three didn't read well for a menage to me. Genny seemed young and a little naive, but in love with her husband even while attracted to Sean. Max was older, a control freak and very sinister. Sean was obviously in love with Genny. So while I could see why Max would engineer the threesome, I was never convinced of the reasons why Genny and Sean would agree. Just a sanctioned way to get into each other's pants? I dunno, it seemed distasteful with max there when there was obviously real feeling with Genny and Sean.

Aside from that, once Max is out of the picture (and bleached out of my mind) the story between Genny and Sean is great.