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Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione I liked Wraith in the other books. When he got his own, he became kinda boring. Doesn't help that the whole time he was being called Josh. He and Serena were by-the-numbers-on-the run. I found myself skimming sometimes. Kynan and Gem's tortured romance and all the other stuff surrounding the main characters redeemed the book a bit for me.

I did make a bet with myself, though to figure out how Serena gets over the whole being human problem. So far in the series each Demon brother has fallen in love with a Human. But so far each human female has somehow been made superhuman by the time the book ends. Tayla is *surprise* half demon, Runa got bitten by a werewolf and becomes a werewolf, so I figured there was no way Serena would be remain human. And Bingo. My guess on what happens to get over the pesky human thing turns out to be 100% correct. And it just doesn't happen to the women. Kynan (human male)falls in love with Gem(Demon woman) so I also had a side bet that Kynan would be made special too. And Bingo again!

Eh. I'll probably read the next one, the writing is nice, but each book has a pretty predictable pattern so far.