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The Survivors Club - Lisa Gardner 5- Stars for the reading. I listened to this on audio with Anna Fields as the narrator, whose voice I adore and who can perform the hell out of a story. She was, as usual, superb. Gruff Fitch was as different from Dreamy Meg who was as different from no-nonsense Jillian etc. So much so that I always knew 'who' was speaking.

4- Stars for the suspense and characters. Loved Griffin the state cop with anger issues (with good reason) especially. And I liked how incredibly twisted the story was.

3- Stars for some plausibility issues. Sorry, but everything fell too neatly in place for the the main villain. I know this person was supposed to be a brilliant manipulator, but the length of time over which the whole plot unfolded, and the number of people involved that needed to be manipulated...there were infinite possibilities for something to not work. There is always an element of chaos and unpredictability in any system. Just one wrong comment, one person acting out of character and poof the whole plan goes. It struck me as too neat. Don't get me wrong the whole thing was utterly diabolical and made for great suspenseful reading. But I am a realist and people don't always act the way they are supposed to.

Also I had a bit of a problem with a major plot point toward the end. A huge piece of the major antagonists' plan rested on one element --public outcry. It was a piece that didn't work for me given who the person was I didn't think the public would react in their favor.

But those were relatively minor issues and really only resonated with me toward the end of what was after all a great listening experience.