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Woman on the Run - Lisa Marie Rice Still on my LMR kick. I liked this one a lot. It felt different from the other two recent LMR books I recently read (Midnight Man and Dangerous Passion).

For one there was a nice undertone of humor throughout the book. Not yuk-yuk funny or anything, but the main character, Julie's, inner dialogue was great. She is a sophisticated city girl, an editor for a boutique publisher. She is well travelled and well read. She likes her coffee shops, her bookstores, her foreign films and her cat Frederico Fellini. She witnesses a murder, gets a bounty on her head and finds her self witness relocated to the small ranching community of Simpson, Idaho. No coffee shops, no bookstores, no foreign films and just a stray dog she names Fred. At first her self-pitying disdain of the town put me off, but that didn't last very long because truthfully it wasn't really mean but rather had a Sandra Bullock-esque rom-com woe-is-me vibe.

At one point she finds herself obsessing over the hero, Coop's, thighs (they are great thighs btw):

"It had never even occurred to her that she could be turned on by only the bottom half of a male body, as men were turned on by pneumatic breasts. This wasn't like her; she valued conversation and culture and charm. It was appalling to be fixated on a man's physical attributes. Stress and fear had turned her into this...this redneck guy"

There are a lot of other nicely humorous passages of Julia's various ruminations about the people, the town and especially Coop. Which makes this book a huge departure from the other two LMR books I've read. In those books, the heroines were really just wallpaper or rather blank canvases that the heroes could paint their obsessions on. In this one, Julia is the larger personality. You spend a lot of time with her and in her mind and she is fully realized.

Amazingly, Coop is the more enigmatic of the two here. Like other LMR heroes, he is Alpha and hawt and sexy and has a huge penis. But he doesn't seem as overly possessive and borderline cave-manly as they are. It is funny but I just read a quick review on the Smart Bitches website where someone over there just read this book too. And she had the same observation (and the same WTF moment I did while reading the book).

First the observation: LMR heroes do tend to get an erection immediately upon meeting the heroine and they have it throughout the book and they obsess over sex with the heroine obsessively. And, well, they have huge penises. The thing is, that could easily become annoying but somehow LMR strikes the right balance with her heroes that makes me like them.

Now the WTF moment. There is a point during sex the hero takes a moment to contemplate the fact that a woman's sexual nether regions is like a horse's mouth. Um. OK. That yanked me out the story. And not in a good way. I had to get that image out of my mind real quick.

I liked the suspense element. It was fun enough that I could suspend some of my disbelief a bit. I figured out who her would-be killer was right before it was revealed but it was still suspenseful.

Good book. I recommend.