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Urgent Care - C.J. Lyons This is the third in the series that follows a group of four women who work at the Angels of Mercy medical center: Nora is an ER nurse, Gina is a ER resident, Linda is an ER attending doctor and Amanda a medical student. I haven't read the first books in the series because i think I downloaded this as a Kindle freebie, but I didn't feel lost at all. The author give you enough contextual information so you know what happened in the past to the characters without it feeling like a data dump.

This one concerns the rape and murder of another nurse in he hospital and the effect it has on rape survivor Nora. There is also a continuing story involving Gina and her fiance, a police detective named Gerry who is investigating the very mysterious past of Linda.

The story is very fast paced and suspenseful as the people are endangered both by the murder-rapist and the very dangerous people who do not want Linda's past being investigated.

I've read other reviews that compare reading this to wathcing an episode of ER or Grey's Anatomy. Those comparisons were right on. I really did feel that with the quick cuts, the intertwined stories of medical cases along with continuing personal/romantic arcs that I was 'reading' one of those shows. The danger/suspense element though adds a little something extra.

This book is not the end of the series by a long shot. The story ends -- not exactly on a cliffhanger -- but you know there is more to come. While some plot elements have been resolved (they did find the rapist/murderer) some are left hanging (Gina/Gerry's relationship, Linda's past etc.)

I liked this installment enough that I'll most likely 'stay tuned' to see what happens next.