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Trick of the Light - Rob Thurman I listened to this on audio which is why it took awhile to get through. I admit, I loved the narrator's voice. I think she caught the tough chick tone just right. She has one of those voices that in a romance novel would be described as "honey over gravel." She can do rough, tough but also a dark, silky smooth. She worked exceptionally well for that snarky tone that seems to be Thurman's signature style. But truthfully, i can hear her being the "voice" of any of the UF touch chicks.

I only made it through three books of Thurman's Cal Leandros series. Not because I disliked the series, on the contrary, I love the series. But it isn't a series you can glom one book to the next. They are dark and funny but also a little relentless. I think I took a break from them to just cleanse my palate a little. But this book reminded me of what I really liked about those books and makes me want to get back into them.

Trixa is the main character and is the story's first person POV narrator. One thing that I think Thurman does that I think is a little atypical of first person POVs is that she allows her narrator to lie to the reader. Well, that may be a little harsh... she allows her narrator to conceal a LOT from the reader. I've always understood that there is a little pact between the reader and the first person POV character. They give you their impressions of other characters and their thoughts about them and you trust them because these are their thoughts. But Thurman bends that a little bit to great effect. Trixa plays her cards very very close to her chest, even in her inner dialogue. At the end you find out quite a bit that Trixa has been concealing, even in her own thoughts. And it makes for a very exciting climax.

The basic plot is that Trixa lives in Vegas and is a bar owner. She is searching for something call the Light of Life to leverage it to use it to find the Demon that killed her brother. In this world Demons and Angels exist. They are also looking for the Light because apparently the owner of it will turn the tide of the battle between good and evil. Trixa has a heart of gold and surrounds herself with a close knit group of people. There is Leo her bartender and old friend of the family. There is also the dynamic duo of Zeke and Griffin. Two young men who are dedicated demon killers who Trixia met and took in when they were younger teenaged runaways.

Zeke and Griffin's relationship is one of bone deep I-would-die-for-you-brotherhood. Very reminiscent of the Cal and Nik relationship in her other series, which I admit, made me love this book even more.

Trixa finds the light first and suddenly she has a host of Angels and Demons, including one sexy Demon named Solomon, hot on her trail and ready to make deals for the light.

That is just bare bones plot. The story has twists and turns and the aforementioned jaw dropping climax that makes you go 'ah-a!'

Good book. Great audio.