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On Thin Ice - Susan Andersen Hmm, not sure what to think about this one. Sometimes I am in the mood for a real woman-in-jeopardy-menacing-killer suspense novel. Well, this isn't that. It is ostensibly a suspense novel but it read a bit lighter than, say, a Karen Rose. But that was o.k. actually. I read it in one sitting, almost and it was quick and enjoyable and Susan Andersen writes with a snappy wit.

This is my first Susan Andersen (but not the last) and only the second book set in the professional ice skating world I'd ever read. I liked the setting the most. It was a change of pace to ride along with the large skating outfit as they went from city to city. I do wish she had delved a bit more into more of the personalities than just the key players though. Although you knew it was a large outfit, the author missed an opportunity, imo, to make the setting a bigger character and to use some more of the background characters to explore this very insular and specific world a bit more.

The suspense plot was just so so. The heroine, ice skating star Sasha, is suspected by the hero, undercover DEA agent Mick, of selling drugs. This is because her former doubles partner had been sent to prison for dealing and his un-recovered drug stash has made a reappearance, coincidentally in all the cities the ice tour is visiting. They are immediately attracted to each other, Mick is doubly hard on Sasha because he suspects her but can't reconcile her super sweet innocence with the hard-core drug dealer she is supposed to be. They make eyes at each other. Hijinks ensue.

The romance plot was pretty much by the numbers. Mick has to be made to see what is in front of his face. My biggest peeve is the utter Mary-Sueishness of Sasha. She has it all -- all men want her, practically (if not technically) a virgin, misunderstood all her life, tragic childhood. It was a total pile on.

Even so, though, it was still an entertaining book if only because the villain was such a frothing at the mouth loon who was fun to read about.

I am glad I stumbled across this new-to-me author.