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Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning Better than the first book, but still I feel like I am on the that slow, upward, ride to the top of the rollercoaster after having read these first two books. Strangely a lot of stuff happens to Mac but I feel that not a lot gets accomplished in this book. I do have to say I liked Mac a bit better in this one. She wasn't as annoying as she was in the first book. And the author upped the darkness quotient in a big way.

I do still like Barrons although I think the KMM is doing her level best to make him overly enigmatic. That only goes so far, though, imo.

I don't rate this higher because I still think the jury is out with me on this series. Everything and everyone is just so cryptic. All. The. Time. Nobody can just, you know, talk or answer a question. I suppose this is technique is supposed to raise anticipation and create suspense for a big pay off, but it can wear thin if everything is all questions and rarely anything is answered.

Still, I do plan to read the third one, so I guess it works, Ha!