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Treachery in Death - J.D. Robb Naked in a shower in an old, unused gym in the basement of Cop Central, Peabody overhears two cops arguing about their own corruption and conspiracy in murder. One of them is a lieutenant, the daughter of a decorated ex-cop who is a legend and Whitney's predecessor. Knowing that if she is discovered, she is dead, she waits out the tense moments until their argument is over and they are gone. Shaken, she contacts McNabb and Eve to let them know what she has heard. This kicks off an investigation and internal sting operation spearheaded by Eve and in cooperation with their Internal Affairs Bureau.

After the disappointment of the last book, Indulgence in Death (In Death, #31), which I felt was retread of an earlier book and lacked any real police procedure, I was crossing my fingers that this series and this author hadn't finally run out of steam. Thank God that isn't the case. This book was tightly plotted and a joy to read. From the moment Eve learns about what Peabody overhead, she ready to seriously kick some ass and the story goes into high gear and never looks back.

Eve takes a very strong dislike to her prey and begins to play with her like a cat with a mouse. What was so fun about this book was that Eve and her team were always steps ahead of the band of dirty cops they were out to get. Not once did the Bad Lieutenant (ba-da-dump!) have a clue how much trouble she was in. She was nicely outwitted and outplayed.

The entire book was a sting operation wrapped in police procedure. The climax was a total, fist pumping high. From the moment Eve gives the go ahead for her team to start phase one you just sit back and cheer on how satisfactorily they close out the sting.

Not a lot of romance or personal development in this one, although there is a sweet interlude where Eve and Roarke take a few moments in what can only be described as a sighingly romantic walk through their grounds. Also Webster gets a new romantic interest.

Really good installment!