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Chances Are - LaVerne Thompson More like 2.5 stars.

Kayla Thompson has just been summarily fired and is leaving her office with just her box of possessions under her arm when she runs into a tall, handsome stranger.

The stranger turns out to be Tal Reynolds. President of the bank that just merged with hers and the reason she no longer has a job. The two are immediately attracted before they realize the identity of the other.

But Kayla hasn't really been fired. A larcenous employee fraudulently fired Kayla in order to implicate her in a massive embezzlement scheme. But he didn't count on Tal being on the scene nor on how protective Tal was becoming of Kayla.

Eh. This wasn't a bad book. Really. I just really dislike books where the h/h meet in a very ho-hum way (her box falls and he helps her pick up the scattered papers) and their hands touch and each feels an electrical charge. She actually feels the hairs stand up on her arms and she can barely speak, so struck is she by his fabulousness. And they are immediately hot for each other.

I just didn't buy the overwhelming quickness of their relationship. Tal sees her and is in relationship mode almost immediately. So, yeah, just Eh. I actually liked the fraud subplot. I just felt the romance was quick and intense but not in a total credible way.

Also, this was a short book. I think it was a bit pricey for the length.