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Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts 3.5 stars.

Liked this one quite a bit. Loved the camaraderie NR created with the smoke jumpers. She did a great job of creating different personalities amongst all the characters complete with realistic quirks. Nice amount of everday humor.

In contrast to her last few stand-alones, I actually liked this heroine as much as I liked the hero. Rowan was earthy, a little bawdy, knew her job, and was incredibly competent. I didn't feel disconnected from her like I have from some previous NR heroines.

Gull was a great hero. he falls right in line with recent NR heroes who have been funny, charming and a little bit beta with unusual professions.

I also liked the b-romance with Rowan's Dad. Now that was an utterly charming romance especially because this guy, a legend in the forest firefighting circles known as Lucas 'Iron Man' Tripp, a big strong, brawny handsome man, was a complete goober around the lady he liked. It was sweet and lovely to read.

The suspense element was integrated into the story strongly. NR did a smart thing by allowing us to know and get invested in all the characters, and giving them all traits and personalities that made them 3-dimensional. So when it becomes evident that the villain of the story is part of the 'family', the reader begins to get nervous that it isn't someone you like.

I have to take a few points off the story though. A reader new or fairly new to NR won't notice, but she definitely has some writerly ticks. One thing that took me completely out of the story was when Ro and Gull were talking about the possible suspects. The conversation, the cadences, the rhythm of the dialogue, the word choices -- it all sounded like it was coming straight out of Eve Dallas' mouth. It was disorienting.

But that is a minor nit. All in all this was a nice page turner.