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Still The One - Lena Matthews Ok, before reading this book, one really should have read the prequelHappily Even After. If not, you will lose some major back story and a major plot point in the first book. And frankly, this book will not be satisfying for you at all because you will not have met and gotten involved with the lovely characters Dean and Creigh.

That said, this was a nice little peek back into the life of Dean and Creigh after the birth of their daughter. I am glad that they are still madly in love and I thought it was realistic that the birth of a newborn, plus their other two kids readjusting to their parents getting back together, plus Dean and Creigh getting back into the groove of being married again would result in some growing pains. They don't want their marriage to de-rail again and both are secretly afraid that the thrill is gone. But Dean - can I say this guy is totally an awesome character?! -- steps up to the plate (again!) and gives Creigh a Valentine's day she won't forget.

I wish it had been longer. But I think the author left the door open to another fuller length sequel. The paternity issues that were raised both in the first and this book are fertile ground for a good story (hint, hint).