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Perfect Timing - Jill Mansell 3.5 stars

The night before her wedding during her bachelorette party (or Hen night as the Brits call it), Poppy meets a man to whom she is incredibly attracted. Tom, a dark-haired, dark-eyed handsome doctor implores her to meet him after the party is over and not to go through with the wedding.

While Poppy chooses not to meet Tom, she does indeed call off the wedding. She realizes that if she goes through with it, it would be a big mistake. Her groom and his large family do not let her off easily and as a parting shot, her now bitter ex-fiance drops a major bombshell on her.

It propels her to leave Bristol and go to London. There she meets a great cast of characters including Caspar the sexy artist, Claudia the insecure daughter of two narcissists, Jake her shy boss for whom she itches to give a makeover, Rita and Alex a nouveau riche couple with tacky taste and big hearts, and, of all people, Tom who, as it turns out, isn't a doctor at all.

I've been on a Jill Mansell glom because right now these are about the only books that seem to be holding my attention. These books are right up my alley. I adore books that are funny, romantic and a little soapy, with a big cast of characters all of whom have their own plots going that intersect with each other and peel off in other directions as well. Not all authors can juggle multiple stories and characters and make it all satisfying. Mansell does this and in grand fashion. Not all the stories are neatly tied up in a bow, some have dangly strings, there are parts where I wished I had seen the reaction of so-and-so to something. But that is ok. Everything works great in the end for everyone.

I also think this author works well for me because even though this is chick lit, she doesn't give her heroines (and even some B & C plot characters) a HFN ending, which I believe is ultimately why some chick lit doesn't work for me. She give them true HEA endings. The are nicely romantic and you are completly on board with the pairings.

And I love learning British slang. Gonna have to work 'naff' into a sentence at some point.