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Caught on Camera (Harlequin Blaze #608) - Meg  Maguire I bought this book solely on the name of the author having read and loved other books by her (The Reluctant Nude, Willing Victim). Read it a couple of weeks ago but only now getting around to reviewing.

Like the structure of The Reluctant Nude, this story focuses primarily, almost exclusively just on the H/h. I honestly can't think of another character in this book.

Dominic Tyler, known as Ty is a one man reality show. His tv show is a cross between Survivor/Man vs. Wild with a little bit of MacGyver thrown in. It doesn't hurt that he is extremely handsome either. Kate, his one woman tv camera crew, pit boss, publicity machine....you name it knows this and will often make sure there is at least once scene in each show where he needs to take off his shirt.

The two of them have worked very well together for three years, basically being a two person operation, traveling all over the world to some of the most exotic, weird, dangerous places so that Ty can be placed in a situation to show his viewers how to Survive This! (that is the name of the show). They are best friends and know each other very well. But they each are harboring a hopeless attraction for the other. Neither wants to admit it. Kate moreso because she knows that will mean the end of her job and her job is all she has. But they flirt heavily and suggestively with each other, going to the line but careful not to step over it.

During a trek in the wilds of Canada they become stranded and spend a lot of time together finally confronting their feelings for each other.

This being a Meg Maguire book the sex scenes (and they finally do have some, quite a lot actually) are incredibly hot. I really need to get over my shock that the Blaze line in Harlequin is not like your mother's Mills& Boons anymore. This is the second time I've picked up a Blaze book and clutched my pearls in horror at the language! LOL.

Also, this being a MM book, I can't help but compare it to the most recent MM book I read which was The Reluctant Nude. As I mentioned above the structure of this book is very reminiscent of that one. It is solely a two character story where the characters spend a lot of time talking and connecting and getting to know each other. This book had a brisker pace and was more conventional in tone than TRN, but it still had some very similar markers.

The dialogue was strong, the language was natural. The points when they reminisce or remember past exploits were fun to read about. And the hero in this one (just as in the other) makes a grand gesture to get the girl in the end. I thought as grand gestures went, this one was much better, though. Actually quite cute, I wanted to spend more time on it actually.

Not 5-stars because there were times when I wanted them to communicate better. They seemed to be missing each other's points sometimes or were talking in circles sometimes. Even so, it is still a great book. I absolutely plan to continue my enjoyment of this author.