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No Dark Place - Joan Wolf Set during the twelfth century in England with the struggle for the throne between King Stephen and Matilda as the backdrop, this story features a young man named Hugh Corbaille. Hugh was the foster son of the Sheriff of Lincoln but had no memory of his early years. Until one day he is recognized by a knight visiting his foster father's lands and is told he is the missing-presumed-dead son of the late Earl of Wiltshire.

Hugh rejects this idea on a visceral level. But he consents to go with the knight, sire Nigel, to see if this could be the case. As more and more people see the young man, they are convinced he is indeed Hugh de Leon. But it isn't just a case of him swanning up to the castle and claiming his inheritance. First, his uncle Guy is now the Earl and holds the earldom tight. Second, Hugh himself isn't sure he wants to reclaim his identity or his inheritance. And third he needs to confront why his mind violent shies away from remembering his early years and what happened on the fateful day his father was murdered.

This is actually a nice little book. It has a little murder mystery element with Hugh acting as an investigator in his father's murder and his own past. It is a bit of historical fiction as the political landscape of the time is explored with how the common people and the powerful earls and barons needed to deal with, survive or exploit the imminent civil war between the two people vying for the throne. And it is a romance with Hugh finding love in Cristen, the lovely daughter of Sir Nigel.

Well written and quickly read, it is a good way to enjoy a light medieval romantic historical fiction. It isn't conventional romance as Hugh and Cristen do not end up completely HEA. Their romantic fate is left a bit up in the air as there is a sequel.