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After Their Vows (Modern) - I like Michelle Reid's earlier stuff A Question of Prideremains one of my favorites by her because I thought it was quite intelligently written. But this one was really ...ugh.

The husband, Roque, was immature, possessive...all 'stop helping your brother or I will go sleep with another woman.'

The wife Angie was all weepy and pathetic and had the backbone of a noodle.

The younger brother was a user.

Angie left Roque b/c she thinks he cheated on her and disappeared for a year. He wants her back so he blackmails her using her loser brother as a threat. She hates him! She wants him! They fight, hurling bitter insults at each other all the while lusting for each other. He smirks a lot, she trembles a lot. This happens a lot.

All of this was interspersed with loving descriptions of Roque's Billionaire lifestyle and multiple ways of describing Supermodel Angie's abundant, fiery red curls.