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Count on Me - Kathryn Shay This harlequin was a little atypical. H/h were in their 40s. Zoe is a school teacher and Kurt is a doctor. He was married to a wife who cheated on him and was kinda damaged when he began dating Zoe. But they were just starting to get serious when Kurt's ex-wife asked for a second chance. He went back to his wife devastating Zoe (and apparently the whole town who were way too involved in this relationship).

A year later, Kurt and is ex-wife are on the outs for good and he has realized what a colossal mistake he's made. Of course it doesn't hurt that everyone, their mother, their dogs and their kids hate his guts over how much he's hurt Zoe.

With that synopsis you'd think this was a story just about Kurt and Zoe. But you'd be wrong. There are a LOT of supporting characters all of whom have their own stories. This includes all their happily married friends (who have their own stories in connected books) as well as a group of angsty teens awash in all kinds of teen-aged trouble. In fact this book reads more like a soapy ensemble than a romance novel.

This book can be considered a 'cheating hero' book. But frankly I felt that all the drama and angst that everybody sent Kurt's way was just a little too much to fit his perceived crime. He was sorry so much, Zoe was a complete noble martyr and everyone was falling all over themselves to show her support that I just wanted people to get over it already. And really, a teacher who overshares with teen-aged her students really gets the side-eye from me.

But it was an ok read for all that. Quick and passed the afternoon pleasantly.