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Night Watch - Suzanne Brockmann More like 3.5 stars

Wes Skelly is a Navy SEAL on leave in LA. He is there for two reasons. 1) He has gone to LA at the request of a good friend, Lana Quinn. Her sister is a big time actress who has a stalker. Lana has asked Wes to go and help her sister set up security for her home and 2) Wes himself is set up on a blind date with Brittany Evans, the sister-in-law of one of his SEAL buddies.

When Britt and Wes meet they hit it off as great friends. Brittany is pretty sure they are aren't suited and is pretty frank about it. Wes is pretty sure they aren't suited because he's been nursing a years-long unrequited love for Lana, who is married to yet another SEAL. Brittany is aware of Wes' love for Lana and is sympathetic and offers him lots of good advice.

But in the meantime they spend a lot of time together until they begin to become sexually interested in each other and give into the inevitable. And then Brittany does the unthinkable, she falls in love with an emotionally unavailable guy.

I liked how SB handled the two main conflicts of the relationship. The biggest conflict, especially from Brittany's end, was Wes' love for Lana. She knew about it and still couldn't help herself. This made for some nicely nuanced romantic angst. The other conflict, mostly from Wes' end was his inability to allow himself to really connect with someone. He has major abandonment and guilt issues when it comes to people he loves because of the death of his younger brother.

The reader can tell he is falling in love with Brittany, but both of them are blind. Brittany because she believes he is so in love with Lana and Wes because he is in denial and still believes that Britt just thinks of him as a great guy.

I also thought SB gave wonderful texture to Wes' character, his height issues, how he uses crutches such as smoking and sometimes alcohol to allow himself to say what he wants or feel what he wants. He had so many inner pockets to his personality it made for a great, fascinating character.

Brittany was more straightforward. She was disarmingly honest and a straight shooter. One thing we'd never have to worry about with this character was some stupid mis-understanding. She tells it like she sees it and insists on honesty. I enjoyed the small subplot with her son and his girlfriend. It added absolutely nothing to the main plot but was a nice additive to the story to give Brittany's life a little depth.

Good book. Reminds me again what a natural storyteller SB is.